Where to Start for an MD-DC Practice Integration
Marc Sencer, MD

A good way to integrate is to start in an area that is familiar to you. It is much more difficult to add on services and personnel  to perform those services if these are totally new to you. Staff and possibly patients will feel the strain.

For this reason I recommend that you start with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This is an easy add-on and a natural progression for a chiropractic practice. It is best to have a doctor who is familiar with the procedures you will do in the office. These include triggger point injections, joint injections,carpal tunnel injections, injection of the knee to treat osteoarthritis, and others. These can be done with or without ultrasound guidance, but you will get better results send more profit if you do the injections with guidance.

You can also use a nurse practitioner or physician assistant but in most states a medical doctor must provide some level of supervision so you still need to find a doctor.

In addition , I highly recommend that you get a physical therapist and ultimately some physical therapy assistants. These are licensed PTAs who are able to work under a PT’s direct or indirect (the PT does not have to be in the office.) supervision.

There are multiple advantages to having a PT. Most important is that you will be able to see Medicare patients for both physical therapy and physical medicine procedures, Right now as a chiropractor you are unable to tap into this huge market.

Having a physical therapist and being able to treat Medicare patients will make it much easier to get referrals from medical doctors.

I will be writing more about physical therapy and rehab and will go into detail on the various treatments and how to bill for them in future editions of the blog,