About Dr. Sencer
Marc H. Sencer M.D. spesialist in MD DC PT Integration
Marc H. Sencer M.D.

Marc H. Sencer M.D. was the Medical Director and founding partner of several highly successful multi-discipline practices. He currently owns and manages a multi-speciality Pain Management Group practice with offices in South Florida.

Dr. Sencer has participated in the research and treatment of Fibromyalgia at the University of Miami, and he has been appointed a Visiting Clinical Fellow, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

In 1998, Dr. Sencer founded “MDs for DCs”, the only medical staffing company that finds and trains MDs in every speciality to work in Chiropractic offices nationwide.

Dr. Sencer also works as a personal consultant, taking only a small number of practices each year for his highly individualized practice management program where he specializes in MD DC PT Integration.